Mant Group

Mant yachting company is part of a Corporate group including villas and other business activities in Mykonos island. We have a history in hospitality since 1999. We are Mykonos.  We know every corner and treasure  of our hometown. Our fresh ideas are combined with all these years of experience in Mykonos to give you lifetime unforgettable memories.

Administrative board

Angelos Mantolas

Captain with 32 years of experience in mega yachts. 

Anna Driva

Financial manager expert and managing director. 

Emannouil Mantolas

Shipping manager skilled in communication, operations, management, hosting and media.

Christos Mantolas

Skipper with a professional degree in Naval architecture & marine engineering. 

How it started?!

Our journey began with our father, who spent more than three decades as a captain on luxury yachts. Following a recommendation from a friend, he decided to invest in a Lagoon 450 catamaran. With Anna's support in managing accounting and company regulations, we laid the groundwork to launch our business. Emmanouel pursued studies in shipping, while Christos focused on naval and marine engineering. Despite our growing expertise, the idea of running our own enterprise hadn't fully crystallized. However, the unexpected downtime brought on by the COVID pandemic provided us with the opportunity to establish Mant Yachting and develop our brand. Christos assumed the role of captain, mentoring the crew and fostering a welcoming atmosphere onboard. Anna took charge of provisioning and operations, while Emmanouel handled reservations.

What’s our vision?!

To establish ourselves as the premier provider of luxury yachting experiences in the Greek islands, celebrated for our exceptional service, unwavering commitment to safety, and ability to craft unforgettable moments for our guests.

What’s our mission?!

Our mission in the day-to-day operation is to foster a dedicated and professional crew committed to excellence and attention to detail. By consistently delivering exceptional service, we aim to ensure the happiness and satisfaction of our clients on every voyage.

Why choose us?!

Choose us for our combination of qualified crew and exceptional customer experience. Our team is comprised of young, energetic individuals who bring a vibrant and fun atmosphere to every journey. Experience sailing and yacht performance at its finest, with a focus on safety and technical excellence across all our vessels. Dive into the local culture and live like a true insider with Mant Yachting.

What to expect?!

Expect a full day of enjoyment tailored to your desires on our Royal Blue cruise, featuring relaxation, exploration, and adventure. Our Aqua Cruise offers a 5-hour journey of swimming, sunbathing, and stunning views, while our Coral Cruise provides an exclusive experience of swimming and sunset, complete with complimentary food, drinks, and a festive atmosphere.

What’s included?!

Included in your experience are the services of a fully licensed skipper, professional hosting, and the opportunity to trim and sail under expert guidance. We also offer convenient boat transfers, along with access to stand-up paddleboards, bed linens, towels, snorkeling equipment, and all necessary safety gear.

What to remember?!

Keep in mind to treasure every instance of your voyage with Mant Yachting. From the thrilling escapades to the tranquil interludes, each encounter is meticulously designed to forge enduring impressions. Embrace the splendor of the Aegean Sea, relish the tastes of fine dining, and indulge in the hospitality of Greece. These recollections will linger with you well beyond your excursion, serving as poignant reminders of the remarkable experiences shared aboard our vessels.